Generator steel tanks – United Nations


Horizontal cylindrical tanks, manufactured by using shell plates and dished ends and in accordance with the European Standard UNI EN 12285.2 – Class A “Horizontal Cylindrical Single Skin And Double Skin Tanks For The Aboveground Storage of Flammable And Non-flammable Water Polluting Liquids”.

Project: United Nations
Destination: Darfur, Sudan
Quantity: n. 213 tanks

Main Features:

  • Capacities: sizes ranging from 1000 to 20,000 Litres.
  • Tanks are butt-welded in accordance with EN 12285-2 , with EN 287-1 “approval testing of welders” and with EN 288 “specifications and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.
  • Material: carbon steel Grade DC01 according to UNI EN 10130.
  • Tanks are provided with steel supports or saddles, designed and manufactured in accordance with Standard EN 12285-2.
  • 460 mm diameter ingress manhole with tight and bolted cover located in the middle, on top of tank; the manhole cover will be provided with a oil-resistant gasket.
  • Dip stick gauge access port with weather proof cap made in gunmetal material.
  • Aluminium dip stick calibrated gauge to determinate manually the fuel level.
  • 4” filling pipe, complete with lockable cap and chain in gunmetal or aluminium.
  • 1” spill return pipe, complete with cap.
  • 4” drain screw-down gate lockable valve made in gunmetal. Drain valve will be provided with a cap.
  • 2” outlet screw-down gate lockable valve made in gunmetal. Outlet valve will be provided with a cap.
  • 4” weather-proof vent pipe with pressure/vacuum breather valve and flame arrestor device;
  • All piping, fittings, couplings, gaskets, flanges, valves are certified about compatibility with Diesel Fuel.
  • Tanks are delivered tested (pressure test at 1,5 bar for 2 hours) and ready for installation.
  • Tanks and piping are sandblasted at sa2,5 grade (according with ISO EN 8501-1), primed and painted with two-part of epoxy white paint.

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