Fuel Management – U.A.E.


Project: supply and installation of fuelling equipment and fuel management system.

Location: Dubai – U.A.E.

Sector: ready-mix concrete plant.

The client requirement was to provide an effective fuel management system to track fuel usage on a daily basis.

To control and monitor the fuel inlet we have provided a MID certified positive displacement bulk fuel meter and an electronic level probe.

We have also provided the Emiltouch fuel monitoring system to monitor the fuel issued from the fueling site and used for vehicles and equipment.
The fuel management system, by means of an electronic-head fuel dispenser equipped with a pulser system and a set of electronic level gauges, can measure and manage the use of fuel within their activities, enabling consumption control, cost analysis and tax accounting for fuel purchases.
With this system the client can track fuel as it is pumped into vehicles and on-site manage the storage levels.

This project was done by

American Fuel Tank has the support, experience, professionalism and
guarantee of the world’s largest manufacturer of fuel management
solutions: Emiliana Serbatoi Srl.

This allows us to be the best option in relation to quality / price /
guarantee in North America.