Fuel Farm – Angola


Bulk storage and dispensing project:

Project: design, supply and commissioning of two fuel farms.
Destination: Angola.
Sector: Construction.

Each fuel farm consists of:

  • N. 4  aboveground steel storage tanks.
  • Total Capacity: 200.000 L of Diesel fuel.
  • each tank is equipped with an electronic level gauge.
  • One bulk fuel pump unit equipped with a self-priming volumetric vane pump, flow rate 600 lpm, positive displacement flow meter, high-performance water and dirt filtration system, hose reel, antistatic fuel hose and high flow fuel nozzle.
  • One aluminium loading arm designed for top loading or road tankers; it is equipped with swivel joint, valve and drop pipe.
  • N. 2 industrial Diesel fuel dispensers, flow rate 80 lpm.
  • Manifold/piping and valves system to interconnect all the parts of the station.
  • Electrical panel and grounding system.

This project was done by

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