Tanks for Large-scale distribution


Emiliana Serbatoi is glad to announce that has obtained the following building project:

Where: Modena (MO) – Italia

Project: 8 tanks for fuel storage, 50 cubic metres each. Material supply, monitoring of installation procedures and technical support to the project management.

Metal tanks – Main characteristics:

  • Quantity: 8 tanks.
  • Capacity: 50.000 L each.
  • Typology: Double-walled tanks manufactured in compliance with UNI EN 12285-1.
  • Material: S235JR carbon steel according to UNI EN 10025.
  • Internal wall: 6 mm thick.
  • External wall: 4 mm thick.
  • Internal diameter dimension: 2520 mm.
  • External diameter dimension: 2540 mm.
  • Total length dimension: 10500 mm.
  • Ø  600 mm. access manhole with bolted cover.
  • Non spill water tight cover 1200 x 1200 H 150 mm, 40/10 thick.
  • Equipotential grounding point.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • N.2 internal stiffening ribs, in U-shaped iron, watertight welded to the internal tank body.
  • Leak detection system to monitor the internal interstitial space.
  • External coating: Each tank is sandblasted (SA 2.5 – ISO 8501-1) and provided with a non-corrosive protection coating made of black epoxy-tar paint consisting in an epoxy-based, 2-component product made with epoxy resins modified by a coal tar-based hydrocarbon resin. It is very thick and highly resistant to strict weather conditions.  It is suitable for both handmade furniture and above ground  and  underground systems.
  • Internal coating: Each tank is internally provided with a non-corrosive protection coating made of 2-component epoxy.

This project was done by

American Fuel Tank has the support, experience, professionalism and
guarantee of the world’s largest manufacturer of fuel management
solutions: Emiliana Serbatoi Srl.

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