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AM-TANK 116 PLUS is a FULL OPTIONAL portable Poly Carry Tank for Diesel transport. The tank is designed to transport and transfer diesel fuel wherever it’s needed. These tanks provide the convenience of having a refueling station that goes wherever the job requires diesel fuel. Great for farm, construction, recreation, industrial, fleet and other markets. Strap the AM-TANK to a vehicle for transport or leave it in a convenient spot on site. The tank is made in Italy with the finest materials and approved and tested fuel equipment. Quality parts and design is fundamental when handling hazardous and flammable fuels. SAFE. RELIABLE.¬†APPROVED.


Colors available:

  • Green Tank with dark Grey lid (new style)
  • Black tank with Grey lid

Tanks are equipped with:

  • Integrated forklift pockets (to lift when full)
  • Integrated handles (to lift when empty)
  • Integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport
  • Integrated covering lid to provide protection against bad weather conditions, UV rays and equipped with lockable draw latches
  • Suction net filter to stop and separate impurities

Fuel Transfer Unit:

  • 12V pump (10.5 gpm) with 20ft wiring cables with clamps
  • Eletcronic digital FUEL METER with partial and totalizer (calibration in US gal or litres)
  • Water and particulate separator FILTER
  • 26ft flexible hose 3/4″ to reach remote vehicles
  • Automatic shut-off nozzle with drip tray holder to collect Diesel drops
  • 2″ aluminum filling cap with safe three-way vent device (pressure, vacuum and spill-proof)
  • Level Gauge for constant monitoring of fuel inventory


  • Nominal capacity: 116 gal [440 lt]
  • Tank total length: 47,2 in [120 cm]
  • Tank total width: 31,5 in [80 cm]
  • Tank total height: 30,9 in [78,5 cm]
  • Tank total weight**: 120 lbs [57 kg]