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Tanks made in roto-molded linear polyethylene, ideal for the refueling of small and light operating vehicles or crafts. Featuring a unique design with ergonomic grip for excellent handling and lifting, are equipped with puncture proof wheels suitable for transport on any surface.


Shipping not included


Colors available:

  • Black (New style)
  • Red


Tanks are equipped with:

  • Rugged roto-molded new generation polyethylene giving to the tank antistaticity and semi-conductivity. These fundamental characteristics allow electrostatic charges (created by dry atmospheres, long transits or by waves of fuel when tank is half-empty) to be grounded, making all the filling and refueling operations safe and sparkless.
  • 2” filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent device
  • Integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport
  • Suction net filter to stop and separate impurities
  • Top handle for easy gripping and lifting
  • Lower safety ball valve
  • Lower housing for lifting
  • Wheels and foot support
  • Front nozzle holder

Fuel Transfer Unit  for AM-TANK 29 GAS MANUAL:

  • Manual rotary hand pump
  • 10 ft. of flexible dispensing hose with Manual nozzle


Fuel Transfer Unit  for AM-TANK 29 GAS 12V:

  • 12V continuous duty, explosion-proof (ATEX certified), 8gpm pump equipped with ON/OFF switch and 16ft wire cables and clamps. Safety thermal protection, compact and sturdy design, reduced noise level and self-priming
  • 13ft antistatic flexible hose with UL listed automatic nozzle



  • Nominal capacity: 29 gal [110 lt]
  • Tank total length: 19,6 in [50 cm]
  • Tank total width: 19,6 in [50 cm]
  • Tank total height: 47,2 in [120 cm]
  • Tank total weight**: 33 lbs

**(including fuel unit and accessories)