Fuel Depot


Project: design and construction of two vertical metal tanks for diesel fuel storage.

Location: Province of Forlì – Cesena, in Italy.

Tanks’ description:

N. 2 cylindrical, vertical steel tanks, capacity 150 cm each, made of carbon steel and designed to contain Diesel fuel at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature.
Tanks are provided with a flat bottom, a vertical cylindrical shell and a pitched roof made of sheet sections supported by a steel frame made of steel beams.

Tanks are positioned on a reinforced concrete foundation platform on which are inserted the tank’s anchor plates.

A ring beam with thrust function has been fixed on the external edge of the roof where is also fixed the perimeter safety handrail. Another ring beam has been fixed on the center of the roof where all the roof supporting beams converge.

The access to the roof is obtained by a stainless steel ladder provided with an intermediate landing platform. The two roofs are connected by a stainless steel footbridge designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety regulation.

Tanks are fully fitted with fittings and accessories as loading and suction ports, mechanical level gauge, upper and lower manholes, pressure/vacuum vent pipe with flame arrestor device.

Tanks’ plates have been sandblasted (SA 2.5 – ISO 8501-1), primed and coated with two layers of epoxy paint.

Technical data:

  • Number of tanks: n. 2
  • Capacity of each tank: 150 cm
  • Material: carbon steel type S235 and S275 complying with UNI EN 10025
  • External Diameter: 5 m
  • Total height: 8 m.
  • Plates thickness: from 4 to 10 mm
  • Roof support beams: n. 12 type IPE80
  • Welding process:arc welding with electroded type E44 CI class 3 or higher , classified in accordance with CNR-UNI 5132. Welding procedure is performed in accordance with EN 288 and welders are qualified in accordance with standard EN 287-1.

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